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OUR MISSION STATEMENT  - Even though we all TRY to make life perfect, sometimes life throws huge obstacles at our feet.  At first, we usually want to crawl into our cocoon. But then - we have a CHOICE - to ACT or NOT TO ACT. Once we choose  ACTION, then it's time for us to CREATE  PATHWAYS to Overcome Those Obstacles and Transition into the  Phenomenal, Courageous BUTTERFLY that SOARS TO SUCCESS - Brilliantly, Logically, and Effectively.  With the background of  all of my experiences and Acquired, Proven, Powerful PATHWAYS - I'm here to coach you to Joy and Fulfillment. Let me guide your way!

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Certified Life Coach

Caregiver Life Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Spiritual Coaching


                             LIFE COACHING? WHY DO I NEED IT? 
                  BUTTERFLY PATHWAYS??? WHY A BUTTERFLY?                      "SOARING SUCCESS" WHAT'S THAT MEAN?                                     WHAT'S THIS ALL ABOUT??

Some times, the most important things in life come with no guidelines, no
"How To" booklets. And yet, managing those things Successfully is more vital than handling any other part of our lives. That's where life coaching comes in.

I, as your Certified Life Coach, will guide you through YOUR making the right decisions for you - so you can feel successful and fulfilled.

                             PRESENTING SOME SPECIFICS OF LIFE COACHING                                             
Caregiver Coaching: If you're faced with caring for a loved one, how do you go about it? What skills do you need to learn? How do you learn to advocate and become a team member with all the other health care providers and facilities? 
How do give yourself "The Right" to be free to love yourself - to create "Balance?"

Relationship Coaching: Are you on the fence  - about jumping into a committed relationship but you're not sure? If your relationship is not working out  - how do you decide to end it or to continue struggling - but with better tools? If a relationship ends, how do you handle the grief and prepare to "move on?"

Spiritual Coaching: Is spirituality a part of who you are? Are you missing the connection with a Higher Power? Have you been hurt or "Turned Off" by practices of your childhood, and you just don't know where to re-start your own spiritual path? Are you aware of the many choices you have to connect spiritually in a more Joyful Way than ever before?

                  The Name BUTTERFLY PATHWAYS - What's That All About?

A butterfly is beautiful and free, brilliantly traveling from place to place, shining with confidence. However, butterflies don't start out in that state. Butterflies are the end product of being in the "cocoon" stage. When we're stuck in life, it's like being in a cocoon. Many times, we get frozen - unable to move to where we need to go - without even an idea of how to get there - like being in a cocoon.  We need to travel through that stage and come out the Beautiful Butterfly. How do we do that? Each person is different. Each situation is different, but all of us need logical, definitive steps to go through that process. We call those steps "PATHWAYS." Why do we want those Pathways? For people who are strong, driven, committed to excellence - we all need some help. I am here for you - to become YOUR Life Coach - to Guide YOU, to help YOU decide which Pathways are best for you. SOARING SUCCESS is the goal and the end result of Joy and fulfillment.

Even though I am here for you and ready to become YOUR Life Coach - to help you through all the processes that you need. The first step, however, is for YOU to decide if you really want to analyze the present, make changes, learn new techniques - so YOU can look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I'm sure now. I know want to do, and I'm excited to create and walk within my successful path."

If you're ready, I look forward to becoming your Life Coach. To help you make that decision, I've created background and present information of who I am and what I have to offer. My sessions are 50 minutes-1 hour long - with an agreed upon series of sessions. It's impossible to provide you with these techniques in one session, so we both need to commit to a decided upon group of sessions - that number of sessions to be decided upon between conversations with the both of us.

Thank you for listening and for your interest in my company and my goals to provide YOU with all the skills that I have learned along the way. In MY life, I went through many cocoon stages, worked diligently "Non-Stop" to create
MY Pathways, and  - today -

MY Success is in being ready and prepared  to share my expertise with you.


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About Life Coaching

Hi! I'm Jayne Donato Dempsey

     My life has been a growing process from Cocoon to Butterfly.  At age 20, I married and entered the Joy of becoming a Mom to my phenomenal  children,  Louis & Veronica. The marriage ended in divorce, but I adored being a Mom.  However, I wasn't prepared for all the responsibility at all.     

      Raised as a  "little princess," I was not prepared for all the responsibility of a "single Mom." I learned how to be "2 1/2" parents - to become the softness and the strength that my children needed.  Four years later, I met my soul mate, Stephen.  At 30, I got re-married and got pregnant after the help of a Fertility Doctor. We were "Over the Moon," with our precious Nicholas on the way. But then, the jaws of sadness clamped down upon our Joy - a routine blood check found that Stephen had a rare form of leukemia.  He died 1 1/2 years later, when my children were 1,10, & 13 - and I was 34.  After he took his last breath,  I  felt like I was thrown out of an airplane without a parachute. There was a Butterfly moment, however.  During my  last conversation with Stephen, he said, "I'm ready to die, because you gave me more Love and Joy that I could ever imagine." 

A few years later, my father died. Right before he did, he cried to me - one of only  three times I ever saw him cry. "What's going to happen to your mother? She doesn't drive. She coughs at night. She's totally dependent on me. What will happen when I'm gone?"


CHOICE!!!! I automatically replied - with no hesitation -"I'll take care of Mom, Dad.  Don't you worry. " And - for the next 15 years - I did just that - and today I am very grateful for that "Butterfly" Choice.

15 years after Stephen died - and terrified to love again - I met my second soul mate and current husband, Michael.  Back to CHOICE again. I overcame that fear, and happily jumped into the arms of love. In our wedding vows - we promised  to love each other's children as his own. Molly and Mike Jr. jumped in my heart - and Louis, Veronica, and Nicholas jumped into Michael's heart. Together - happy again - we have 5 children and now 10 Grandchildren. 


Unfortunately, that happy Butterfly state collapsed back into a cocoon, when Michael's health dramatically changed:  Five years after we were married - year after year - a downward trend of heart attacks;  strokes; and then that terrible, fateful day of another routine blood check  that revealed that Michael developed the same rare form of leukemia that Stephen had died of. I remember screaming and crying to my son, Nicholas, "I can't do this again - I just can't."]

But then, I had to sit back and CHOOSE - and I CHOSE to rise up again. During All of these processes of over 20 years, I learned so much about all the myriad of Pathways to become an Excellent Caregiver; about Building Healthy Relationships; and how to engage my spirituality in putting it all together. 


 I  Will Show YOU How to Create


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My Background Information
Contact Informtion
Contact Informatio
Contact Infomaion
My Education & Previous Career Info.

Here's An Idea of My Formal Education and Background Career Information

      It's always been my joy to help others and to choose Career Choices to Fulfill that Passion. At the same time, one of my talents is to look at a situation, analyze all the various aspects of it - and come up with a win-win solution. People have nicknamed me "A Mover and a Shaker." It's what I bring to you as your life coach. 

     I started out in real estate and property management, but then went on to working in government agencies.  My most memorable was the Camden County Health & Human Services  -  as an Assistant Director to the Office of Intergroup Relations.  Our job then was to mediate any bias activity within any town in Camden County, NJ. One of those events included responding to an attempt by the Neo Nazis coming to march in Cherry Hill - a predominantly Jewish Community. I worked within peace organizations, county and state organizations, and all of the Superintendents of Public and Private Schools.  This had to be handled peacefully and productively - with an eye on proactive systems to quickly handle future situations.  Consequently, I organized a 1,000 person Unity Event involving every Inter-Faith Community and established an Anti-Hate program within all public and private schools in Camden County. In addition - within this position - I was part of a

ten-person team to create the Camden County Human Relations Commission and The Camden County Inter-Faith Organization. From there, I moved onto becoming the Public Information Officer of the Camden County Prosecutor's Office. That position involved me inter-facing with all radio and TV media organizations - disseminating information accurately and responsively. 

     Not feeling totally fulfilled, I joined the private sector as an Admissions & Marketing Director for Assisted Living Facilities. Still - not the right industry for me,  I searched for the "right fit." To create more tools for myself and for helping other people, I enrolled in getting certifications in Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). IET fit me the most, so I became a Master Instructor - which gave me the ability to teach the IET system to others and also to become an energy practitioner - and also to rise to a Higher Consciousness Level myself.

    I feel that IET led me towards teaching. I began the process getting all my certifications and becoming a teacher for Pleasantville School District, NJ, teaching Middle School English and Social Studies - grades 5 through 8th - and then finishing my career as a Grade School teacher, teaching 3rd and 4th grade. Again, I looked at the educational system - with its strengths and its flaws and determined "something's missing," and started applying my "problem solving." techniques. Combining what I had learned creating peace programs with my knowledge of utilizing positive energy, I created "The Peace Zone" - a brain-based, positive energy, entirely pro-active anti-bullying  program that creates an optimal learning environment with the highest levels of positive  

socio-emotional practices that provide an atmosphere that is safe, happy, and secure. I established a company called "Peace Zone Enterprises," wrote the books for early grades, middle grades, and home - and had them translated into Spanish as well.  

      While teaching, I enrolled in The New Seminary in New York, which catered to working individuals - and eventually was ordained an Inter-Faith Minister. As an Inter-Faith Minister from The New Seminary, I learned to minister to people "Where they are" in their spirituality. Continuing today, I coach people within whatever system works for them - or to find their right "spot" in spirituality. Sometimes this also involves life ceremonies, such as Baptisms or Baby Namings, Weddings, Funerals - and they are all individually created to reflect that person's belief system. Everyone's individual spirituality is accepted, and their individual belief systems are respectfully upheld. 

       I retired from a teacher in 2018, continuing my work as an Inter-Faith Minister, still promoting Peace Zone Enterprises, and now creating my new company of Butterfly Pathways To Soaring Success - using all of my life and career previous experiences - for Life Coaching, The Peace Zone and my work as an Inter-Faith Minister as well.  

     Always interested in improving community relations -  I've recently launched the Gibbsboro, NJ  Human Relations Commission.

My Formal Education;
                                            Current Positions


 BA  - Holy Family University 

Life Coach Certification IAPCC

Psychology Graduate Courses - Rowan University

Education Certifications: Language Arts, Social Studies,                              Elementary Education

Inter-Faith Minister Ordination from The New Seminary, NY

Master Instructor - Integrated Energy Therapy

Reiki Level 1 and 2


Camden County Woman of the Year

Dedication Award - Office of Inter-Group Relations

Desert Storm Helpline for Voorhees Township

10-Person Committee Member - Formulation of Camden County (CC)  Human Relations Commission and CC Inter-Faith Commission

 Event Planner for One Thousand Person CC Unity Day EventT

NJEA TV Production of The Peace Zone at Pleasantville (N Main)

Formulation of Gibbsboro Human Relations Commission

Creation of "The Peace Zone" Program for All Schools and Home

Creation of Peace Zone Enterprises 

Author of "Welcome To The Peace Zone" Series Including  "For Early           Learners," "Home," "Student Edition and Teacher Edition" in                      English and in Spanish 

Author of "Who is Jesus?" - a Reflective - Non-Denominational -                   -  Factual and Historical Depiction of Jesus - His Cultural                              Character Traits, and how Various World  Religions Refer to Him

All Books are available at 

Creation of "Butterfly Pathways To Soaring Success"

Inter-Faith Minister for 12 different Weddings, Baby Namings, Weddings, Individually Created According to Person's Belief System 

Current Positions

Caregiver to My Husband, Michael

Mother to My Five Children and Grandmother to My Ten Grandchildren

CEO of Butterfly Pathways To Soaring Succes

                         Online Caregiver Life Coaching;

                                            Relationship Life Coaching;

                                                                Spiritual Life CoachingI

Inter-Faith Minister for Various Life Ceremonies

CEO of Peace Zone Enterprises

Marketing, Implementation, and Professional Development For

                           "The Peace Zone" In Schools and Home, and The Community 

Liaison for Gibbsboro Township Human Relations Commission 

Accomplishments & Current Positions
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What You Can Learn from Your Certified Life Coach


Are you a Caregiver For A Loved Oner?

Is Caregiver Your Career and Your Passion?

Have  You Fully Embraced That Title? 

Do you WANT to embrace that title -

and still have a full life for yourself? 

Professionally or Personally, 

What Are The PATHWAYS To Be a


Learn How To Fully Connect To Your Patient.

Learn Daily Data Keeping Techniques 

Learn How To Partner With Physicians

Learn How To Successfully Prepare

For Doctor Visits

Learn How To Be a HealthCare Advocate

With Hospitals

With Other HealthCare Facilities

Learn How to Ask The Right Questions

Learn How to Research Other Alternatives,

for the Particular Situation You're

Loved one  - and you - are Dealing With.

Learn How To Make Decisions NOW, For what you want to feel LATER

Learn How to Make Previous Deaths and Losses into Opportunities for Living Today - as if it was your Last - for YOU and YOUR LOVED ONE.



Learn How to Balance Your Life

Reduce Stress - 

Nurture Yourself 

I've Learned and Perfected So Many Techniques - 

Being a Caregiver Myself For Many Years. 

It Will Be My Joy To Share With YOU 


To Make YOU


butterfly picture InkedIMG_3534.jpg
Relationship Picture 2.jpg





Did You know That There Is Actually a


For the  Success of a Committed  Relationship?


Yes, there is! I 'll show them all to you! 

Would You like some help deciding about diving

Into a serious relationship?

Are You Contemplating Ending a Relationship

And You'd Like Some Help?


Would You Like To Learn the PATHWAYS to make YOUR Decision?

If the Decision is to End  the Reationship or Marriage, would you like to Learn How to Understand that the Ending is A Soaring Success?

If the Decision is to Keep the Relationship, would you like to learn The PATHWAYS to Make The Relationship More of a Soaring Success?


Do You Have A Blended Family and Would Like Some Help Bringing Wholeness 

To Your Family?

Are There Family Dynamics That 

You Need To Improve Upon,

But Just Don't know How?

Are There Friend Relatioinships

That Are Precious To You, 

But You Might Have Some Struggles With?

How Can You Turn  Loss Of Someone Close

Into Opportunities

For Better Relationships

With The Loved Ones

Still In Your Life?

It's my Honor to help you Create



For YOUR Relationship Situation.

Pink Sugar

 Spirituality is simply a part of our DNA. As such, it needs to be nurtured, shaped, and freely chosen - so it can do its job - much like the food we eat to nourish our bodies. 


Have you been searching for a Religious Practice that's "Right for YOU?"

Have you been "turned off" or hurt by previous practices that left you empty inside - or full of anger- and now - you're frozen to pick ANY spiritual practice, but you'd like to try?

Do  you only know of the Spiritual  Practice of Your Family - but it doesn't fill YOUR needs - and you're hesitant to try something else - out of fear of family or peer rejection? 

Are you in a new relationship - and the two of you have different spiritual backgrounds - but you'd like to begin the process of of choosing the Perfect Fit for BOTH of YOU?  

OR - Have you been living in a world of no Communication to a Higher Power or any other Spirituality to Higher Consciousness- and maybe you've decided that you'd like to open your mind to new possibilities - but 

you just needa Pathway that's Right for YOU?

Let's go. Let me Help you come out of your Cocoon, & Fly  as a SPIRITUAL BUTTERFLY  to A NEW, jOYFUL, AND FULFILLING SOARING SUCCESS 


Gagetta Michielli, NJ

"I contacted Jayne for Career Coaching, because I wanted to start a new career as Caregiver. 
Now - as a Caregiver for three years -
I have learned copious amounts of tools and techniques both for my profession as a Caregiver and also as a Caregiver for my own family. 
I've learned how to observe my Patient and to document detailed, daily information that can be useful to his or her physicians. 
 I've also learned how to partner with the HealthCare System - to provide a higher level of care and expertise. 
I feel that Jayne's Coaching has improved my overall confidence in providing the best possible care I can."
White Structure


Jessie, NJ

"Jayne helped lead my husband and I through a difficult time in
our marriage.
Her compassion and heartfelt guidance truly lifted our spirits, as we healed our relationship.
Her authentic desire to help others is a gift.
Butterfly Pathways To Soaring Success is a trustworthy, honorable business that will lovingly change your life
in the best way."


Cindy La Marra, DE

"Hi Jayne, I wanted to extend a heartfelt and humble thank you from an extremely
     grateful family..                     
We came to you many years ago as a confused and troubled family with a teen child back then, who now is a wonderful young woman who’s achieving her dreams.

As a family, experiencing the roller coaster of life, you have been there for all of us. At every step, we needed you to help us through tough times and give us the tools we need to keep things on track.

Sadly, we had to go through a very difficult time in our lives by losing the head of our family. Once again, you were there for us, and having you as our Minister officiating his service, made it so special. I’m sure that he was happy -  looking down to all of us
from heaven.

'Thank you' just doesn't seem enough, and
we feel it never will.

You are always very patient and kind. Your help and honesty are
beyond any measures.

We want you to know that people like you are what makes the world a better place - even in a sad time of death. You have given us a kindness that will never be taken lightly and will
always be remembered.

Thank you for being our Guardian Angel.
With love and gratefulness always."


The Peace Zone Joins Us
Hand logo.jpg
Peace Zone logo .jpg

   Peace Zone - A Pro-Active Way to Prepare People for Life
          To Provide a Foundation of Healthy Life Practices - 

 To Be Prepared and In Control of Life's Journeys - Ahead of Time!


The Peace Zone is A Part of Us!

Peace Zone Enterprises is an organization that is dedicated to bringing an innovative, mindfulness classroom management technique into our school system. It incorporates all of the following: mindfulness strategies, character-development, anti-violence/anti-bullying, positive energy classroom management, as well as a stress-reduction for both students and teachers.


While creating a tremendous transformation for both teachers and students, all of these strategies are easily assimilated into the existing classroom curriculum and is compatible with any content area.

         We call our method "The Peace Zone," and we have "Welcome to the Peace Zone" manuals available for both students and teachers. In addition, we will provide professional development, consultation services, as well as in-classroom support to help you transform your school to a more peaceful, more productive, positive energy environment.


Extending "The Peace Zone" beyond classroom walls, we also offer public speaking for parents and community involvement, in addition to providing our new book for families called "Welcome To The Peace Zone for Families." For even greater personal energy empowerment, we offer student and teacher "Integrated Energy Therapy" workshops. 

Why is "The Peace Zone"
Such A Vital Part of 
Butterfly Pathways
To Soaring Success?

It's Just....... 
The Simple Truth

The Most Powerful Way to Be Emotionally, Physically, and Mentally Whole 
is to Start In Schools and Home
Within a Safe, Positive Energy Atmosphere
Where Everyone is Protected and Respected.

Contact Information
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